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Database considerations

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All Platforms


Determine which database type(s) you wish to use

Refer to the Database section for more information related to the database types compatible with SoftExpert Suite.


Note that SQL scripts will be executed during the Installation Process

A series of SQL scripts will be executed to create the objects in the database and enter the configuration data. These scripts are executed automatically by the SoftExpert Suite installation tool. The SoftExpert Suite installation will be concluded only if these scripts are successfully executed.


SQL Server


Configure SQL Server Collation

The collations that may be used in western languages for the SoftExpert Suite database on the SQL Server are:





The CI (Case Insensitive) parameter of the collation must always be used. We recommend the use of the AI (Accent Insensitive) parameter for new databases starting in 2.1. For eastern languages, contact SoftExpert Support.


For TLS 1.2 connections with SQL Server database, certain requirements may be necessary. The installation and update guides have further information on these requirements.

It is important to observe the Express version limitations. To do that, see further details in the Servers arrowrgray Database section.


"READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT" isolation level configuration

In order to prevent the occurrence of locks and deadlocks, in the reading operations in the SoftExpert Suite database, it is possible to use the isolation by Snapshoot, which will version each record in the tempdb. See more information in the following link


To enable this parameterization, it is necessary to execute the command below with no active connection in the <Database>:






Determine your NLS and character-set requirements

As of version 2.0.13, SoftExpert Suite now has support for the WE8MSWIN1252 (non-unicode) and AL32UTF8 (unicode) character sets. However, we advise you to use AL32UTF8 only when there is a need for languages that cannot be saved in non-unicode format.


Determine the NLS of Oracle client

After defining the character-set to be used by the Oracle database server, you must set the NLS_LANG environment variable for the client installations that will connect to the server. The environment variable must be in line with the server character-set. In an environment where the server is routing with WE8MSWIN1252, for example, it is common to use the NLS_LANG configured with AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8MSWIN1252.


Create/Manage your tablespaces

SoftExpert Suite uses one tablespace for data and one for indexes. The size required for an initial installation should be 2GB (data) and 200MB (index). These numbers tend to increase according to the use of the tool's functionalities, especially when including documents through the SoftExpert Document component or inclusion through the forms. Therefore, constant monitoring of the growth of the tablespaces and maintenance of the available size is required.


Important: We recommend the use of a controlled directory to store the files, which helps to slow the growth of the database.




Determine your encoding requirements

Server and client require UTF8 encoding for all languages.


When creating the database for SoftExpert Suite, select the UTF8 option in the Encoding field.


Network configuration

To access the PostgreSQL server, it is necessary to enter the client network configurations in the pg_hba.conf and enable external access in the postgresql.conf file (it is necessary to reset the PostgreSQL service). Refer to the SoftExpert Suite - Installation guide document, in the "Database configuration" (Linux or Windows) section, for more information about the PostgreSQL network configuration.