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Backup related activities

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This section presents additional backup-related activities. The first activity contains the installation backup recovery procedure. Whereas the other activity contains the details of the backups that may be deleted after updating SoftExpert Suite. See the topics below:


Backup recovery


If it is necessary to recover the SoftExpert Suite backup after the update process, stop the Tomcat, PDF Converter, and SoftExpert Suite services and recover the backup, as shown in the procedure below. After that, restart the services that were stopped.


Stopping the services


1.Stop the execution of the SoftExpert Suite service:

# service sesuite stop


Recovering the SoftExpert Suite Backup


2.Access the SoftExpert Suite installation directory and delete the web, log, platform, and tools folders:

# cd /usr/local/se

# rm -rf web log platform tools


3.Access the directory that was used to back up the SoftExpert Suite installation directory:

# cd <backup_directory>


4.Decompress the backup of the version that was installed before the update in the SoftExpert Suite installation directory:

# tar -zxvf sesuite_<version>_DDMMAAAA_HHMM.bkp.tar.gz –d /usr/local/se


If there are several backup files, use the latest one.


5.Start the SoftExpert Suite services according to the procedure below.


Starting the services


6.Start the execution of the SoftExpert Suite service:

# service sesuite start


During the SoftExpert Suite service start up, the system will perform a requirement check. If a requirement does not meet the system use, the checker will display a message to indicate the configuration that needs to be solved. Refer to the "Additional procedures arrowrgrayy Troubleshooting arrowrgrayy Requirements check" section, in the Installation Guide, to obtain details on how to solve major configuration issues.


Backup removal


After performing the update successfully, backups may be deleted.


1.Access the directory that was used to store the backups;


2.Delete the old backup file(s), keeping only the latest.