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SoftExpert Identity update

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The update of the SoftExpert Identity application is not mandatory every new release of the product. However, it should be performed if there is the need to use the new features of the application.

It is highly recommended to back up the se-identity.xml file in order to rescue the application configurations.


To update SoftExpert Identity, it is first necessary to download it.


1.Navigate to the SoftExpert Configuration component and access the "Configuration arrowrgray Authentication" menu.


2.1_auxnmbClick on the se_identity button to download the application file.


3.Decompress the file.


After generating the new se-identity.xml, update the values of the fields with the values in your backup. If there are new values to configure, refer to the "Additional procedures arrowrgrayy Single Sign-On with AD arrowrgrayy SoftExpert Identity" section, in the Installation Guide, for more details on how to complete them.