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Test and production environment

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Aiming to aid in the version migration with no major impact, there are two environment types: production and test. The production environment is é exclusively dedicated to the actual use of SoftExpert Suite by the organization, whereas the test environment allows testing the new functionalities or testing other configurations that were not used by the organization previously.


From version 2.0.14 onwards, the definition of the environment type (production or release/tests) must be performed through the Customer center, and it will be automatically applied to the system when activating the product. Also from this version onwards, test environments start to display an explicit message in the system header for all users to be aware of the fact that they are using a test environment.


It is important to point out that:

Only one production environment is allowed per company name;

Changing from the release/test environment to the production environment is allowed, but the current production environment will become a release/test environment;

Changing environments can only be performed up to 3 times per month.


Changing Test environment for production


1.First, access the Customer center.


2.Next, access the "Activation" tab.


3.In the "Server" section, a table with every environment from your organization will be displayed. The first line on the table refers to the Production environment. The other lines refer to the test environments.


4.To change the Production environment, click on the Test environment icon. A screen will be displayed requesting a reason for changing the production environment to be entered. If there are no changes left, a message will be displayed, informing that the production environment has already been changed 3 times in the current month.




5.After defining the new production environment, it will be necessary to access the "Configuration arrowrgray System (CM006)" menu, in SoftExpert Configuration, and execute the revalidation, for the system to redo the activation and apply the environment change: