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PDF conversion (HTTPS)

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This topic will show how to configure the PDF converter with HTTPS protocol in port 8585.

To do that, take the following steps:


In order to take the steps below, you will need:

The SE certificate .pfx file and its password;

To execute the commands below as root.


1.Create the sepdfconverter directory:

mkdir /usr/local/se/sepdfconverter


2.Access the sepdfconverter directory:

cd /usr/local/se/sepdfconverter


3.Create the docker-compose.yml file inside the sepdfconverter directory.

vim docker-compose.yml


4.Paste the following text:

version: '3.7'




 container_name: sepdfconverter

 image: softexpert/sepdfconverter:latest


   - SEAccessURL:ServerIP


   - ASPNETCORE_URLS=https://+:443;

   - ASPNETCORE_Kestrel__Certificates__Default__Password=${CERTIFICATE_PASSWORD}

   - ASPNETCORE_Kestrel__Certificates__Default__Path=/https/${CERTIFICATE_NAME}


     - "${HTTPS_PORT}:443"


     - ./cert:/https:ro

     - ./conf:/app/conf/


5.Find the extra_hosts parameter.


6.Insert the SE access URL and the local IP of the application server, as shown in the image below.




7.Create the cert directory:

mkdir /usr/local/se/sepdfconverter/cert


8.Paste the .pfx certificate files to the /usr/local/se/sepdfconverter/cert directory and save it with the name certificate.pfx.


9.Create the pdf.env file inside the sepdfconverter directory.

vim pdf.env


10.Insert the following text, indicating the port that will be used for HTTPS connection, and enter the certificate password in the CERTIFICATE_PASSWORD= parameter:


CERTIFICATE_PASSWORD=enter the password here





By default, the port used for HTTPS connection is 8585, but it is possible to set a different port, if the default one is already being used. In this case, use the netstat -lnp | grep "8585" command to check if the port is being used.


11.Start the PDF conversion service using the command below:

cd /usr/local/se/sepdfconverter/ ; docker-compose --env-file pdf.env up -d


To stop the service, execute the command below:

cd /usr/local/se/sepdfconverter/ ; docker-compose --env-file pdf.env down


To check if the sepdfconverter service is up, execute the command below:

docker ps




12.After doing that, access the SoftExpert Document component arrowrgray Configuration arrowrgray General parameters (DC035) and point the service in the application by entering https://ServerIP:8585 in the Enable PDF conversion service field arrowrgray Server.


13.Then, run the connection text and save.


14.After finishing the whole configuration, run a conversion test for .doc, .docx, .xls and xlsx files.