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Applying the update package

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To update SoftExpert Suite on a GNU/Linux environment, it will be required to execute an update script. See the procedure below:


If a problem occurs during the update from version 2.1.X to 2.2.X, it will not be possible to remove the system. It will be necessary to finish the update or restore the file backup before removing it.

Starting in SoftExpert Suite version 2.0.8, Java 7 is no longer supported. Thus, when executing the procedure below, Java will be updated to version 8.


Update script execution


1.Define the execution permission for the update script:

# chmod -R +x /usr/local/se/src/updater


2.Execute the update script:

# /usr/local/se/src/updater/ [-p <SoftExpert Suite directory> | -path <SoftExpert Suite directory>]


If SoftExpert Suite is not installed in the default directory, which is /usr/local/se/, use the "-p" or "-path" parameter followed by the directory where SoftExpert Suite is installed. Note that the "-p" or "-path" parameter is not mandatory, i.e., if no parameter is entered after the script, the update will be performed in the default directory.


/usr/local/se/src/updater/ -p /data/sesuite

/usr/local/se/src/updater/ --path /data/sesuite