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Restarting the SoftExpert Suite service

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After applying the update and database update package, in the case of a 3rd-digit update, it will be possible to start the SoftExpert Suite service again.


To start the SoftExpert Suite service again, execute the following command:

# service sesuite start


During the SoftExpert Suite service start up, the system will perform a requirement check. If a requirement does not meet the system use, the checker will display a message to indicate the configuration that needs to be solved. Refer to the "Additional procedures arrowrgrayy Troubleshooting arrowrgrayy Requirements check" section, in the Installation Guide, to obtain details on how to troubleshoot the major configuration issues.

It is important to remember that, when restarting the database, it will be necessary to restart the SoftExpert Suite service as well.


Remove the Access licenses (CD-Keys) from the system whenever their validity expires and/or they are no longer used, leaving only active Access licenses. Such removal is required to make it possible to validate and activate the system. Whenever a new access license is generated to a customer, the old access licenses are removed from the CRM. If a license that is not in our CRM is used, the system will not be activated.