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Update checklist

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This topic provides a checklist of items that should be taken into account for a successful update of SoftExpert Suite. Make sure to verify each one of these items.


1.Refer to the "SoftExpert Suite - Release Notes" and "SoftExpert Suite - Patch Bulletin" documents for further details on the new SoftExpert Suite updates and features.


2.Before the update:

Make sure to have an internet connection so that the required libraries are installed on the server.

Make sure you have a backup of all the database(s). Remember that SoftExpert is not responsible for the database administration; the configurations must be executed by the Database administrator.

Make sure you have a backup of the server in which the application is running.

Refer to the SoftExpert Suite - System Requirements document to verify whether the environment has the recommended versions of third-party software.

Verify the update type that will be performed. Refer to the Update overview section for further details on the update types allowed by SoftExpert Suite.

Make sure you have all the necessary packages for the update. Check the Environment configuration topic to verify which packages will be required for the update.

Check if there are users logged in the system.


3.First, plan and test the update in a test system. Check if the update occurred successfully through the execution of the functionality. After this verification, update the system on the production environment.


4.It is recommended that the upgrade process is started no later than 30 minutes after the last database backup.