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Update plan

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This section covers the update plan. Use the steps below to plan the SoftExpert Suite update.


1.Gather the auxiliary documents:

SoftExpert Suite - System Requirements: This document covers the minimum third-party software and hardware requirements. All information contained in this update guide assumes you have met all requirements listed in this document.

SoftExpert Suite - System architecture overview: This document contains information about the SoftExpert Suite architecture, such as logical architecture, network architecture, and security architecture.

Patch Bulletin: This document contains details about patches released for SoftExpert Suite.

SoftExpert Suite - Release Notes: This document contains details about SoftExpert Suite as well as an introduction to the latest SoftExpert Suite components.

SoftExpert Configuration: This document contains information about the SoftExpert Suite configuration.


The documentation mentioned above may be found in the Customer center.


2.Revise and execute all pre-required activities so that the environment is ready to execute the SoftExpert Suite update.


3.Familiarize yourself with the tasks to be executed when configuring SoftExpert Suite by reading the following topics:

Update checklist

Update activities


4.Make sure you have the SoftExpert Suite "admin" user password on hand. It can be necessary to activate the system after the update.


5.Apply the SoftExpert Suite minimum update requirements before updating the software currently installed to the latest version. The upgrades described in this guide assume you will:

Keep your basic configuration of the previous release.

Apply only the necessary updates of third-party software, as well as service packs, fix packs, and patches.